Management of socio-cultural services

Good socio-cultural management is essential to promote and encourage cultural projects in any field, whatever the discipline.

Our premise is to convey the different aspects of culture to the different groups, materialized in the different spaces.

Within the socio-cultural field we are responsible for organizing, designing and executing activities for children , adolescents , groups at risk of social exclusion , people with disabilities and the elderly with the aim of generating an improvement in their quality of life and that the Product reach a greater number of people.

360º integral cultural socio-cultural services

We advise companies that want to carry out different activities of socio-cultural and educational issues in order to cover all phases of the project.

Ebone, through its wide network of professionals, offers solutions for different socio-cultural projects and develops projects in an integral way and energizing each of its events in order to bring culture and other social and educational forms to the population.
Socio-cultural activities
Ebone contributes to the development of the culture and education of a particular group or community through different activities previously organized and based on the needs of that group.
Technical services
We have different material resources necessary for the development of a cultural event (sound equipment, photography, pc ...) as well as people qualified for their performance.

HR Services

Ebone is composed of a wide network of cultural and auxiliary technicians who contribute to the good work of different socio-cultural activities and events. Likewise, each employee receives specific training to be able to carry out the management of the different events.

Event management and socio-cultural animations

Good management and planning of socio-cultural events is essential to achieve success and learning in the community. Ebone is perfectly trained in the design, organization and execution of cultural industry events and other cultural and educational projects in order to differentiate themselves from others through quality and creativity.

Auxiliary services

In addition to its network of workers, Ebone has the necessary resources to offer other services and / or fundamental auxiliary people in the management of socio-cultural events. In this way, Ebone is able to offer auxiliary services such as concierge, security, access control, cleaning or maintenance, among others.

Where do we offer our services?

Theaters, Auditoriums and Conference Centers
We offer the basic tools and the right people to cover shows and activities in an integral way that meet in this type of enclosures. We take care of organizing any socio-cultural project and measure its viability.
Museums, Tourist information centers and cultural spaces
We take care of energizing cultural events by implementing the qualified and necessary equipment for the development of these tasks.
Workshops, events and cultural activities
Our professional managers are responsible for designing, executing and producing cultural events covering each phase of the project.
Residences and Day Centers for the Elderly
Our professionals organize specialized programs of cognitive stimulation as well as activities focused on developing psychomotor skills in advanced ages.
Occupational Centers and Associations of Persons with Disabilities
We collaborate in the improvement of the mental and physical abilities of people with disabilities through educational workshops that facilitate their social integration, autonomy and social training.
Children's Centers
Development of recreational, leisure and educational activities to facilitate the development of the child in all areas of his life (personal, emotional and social).
Home help service
We have a trained team of professionals who serve people who are in a situation of dependency, guaranteeing a wide coverage of all their needs.
Morning classrooms
Our team of professionals is responsible for offering the necessary resources to educational centers so that families and children can make their schedules compatible.
Support in school canteens
Service destined to favor the eating, emotional and living habits of the students.
Destined to favor the social and educational integration of minors through activities and games that favor their growth and personal development.