Corporate Events

Ebone is a multisectoral company with more than 20 years in the market spread throughout the national territory that offers solutions for companies with varied profiles.

With a team of more than 1000 professionals , Ebone contributes to the training of people in outdoor environments, mostly through activities that favor cooperation and the development of professional skills such as teamwork, leadership, commitment or problem solving. In this way, Ebone helps to create a high performance in workers that in their day to day can be demotivated by different causes and as a consequence there are conflicts in the workers.

We address: the large Human Resources departments (managers, middle managers and workers of the different departments of the company).

Presentations & Promotions

Our team will advise you to make the final result a success: If you can innovate, do it

In recent years, the inaugurations or the presentation and promotion of products has undergone a great evolution due to the appearance of new technologies and the viral nature of these actions.

In a store opening or launch, aspects such as the setting and performance, or the Entertainment of the event are essential to achieve a spectacular and impressive result.

We use the best tools: qualified personnel, logistic resolution, ephemeral architecture and viral dissemination of the event through communication networks …

  • We design and develop the most spectacular, impressive and exclusive staging for your brand and products. We manage the participation of your company with a wide range of services.
  • Integral Coordination.
  • Qualified personnel (Speakers, Hostesses, Technical Assistants, PR, Security ...)
  • Logistic Resources (Fair Stands, Decoration & Scenography, Furniture ...)
  • Advertising & Promotion (Displays, Sampling, Mercahndaising, and Specialized Campaigns).

Fairs, Halls & Exhibitions

We put at your disposal our best resources

Congresses, Conferences & Conventions

Our integral management offers all the necessary services for the organization of a unique and exclusive event.

  • We design, organize and manage Congresses, Conventions or Conferences related to the entire corporate environment.
  • Accommodation & Hosting Management.
  • Reception, Accreditation, & Attention to assistants and speakers.
  • Technical Secretariat & Communication Cabinet Coordination.
  • Auxiliary Personnel (Ceremony Teachers, Interpreters, Reception & Access Technicians ...).
  • Logistic Resources (Mat. Audiovisual, Scenography, Setting, Furniture ... etc).
  • Leisure Alternatives (Sightseeing, sports days, recreational activities).

We communicate through the senses and experiences! After conducting a complete briefing and analysis, we design original promotions and animations, which capture the attention and provide added value to the brand and products.

Street Marketing, Sampling, Cyberman, Road Shows, Segways, Magic Close-Up, Infiltrated Actors, Flash Mobs …

The most unique actions and most striking interactive experiences that best connect with the public.


A concept of Experiential Communication...

Outdoor training and team building services

Coaching, Indoor & Outdoor training: work in team-building, enthusiasm, motivation, participation ... more than events, we produce experiences.

Good management of company teams is essential to create teams and achieve internal objectives that in turn impact abroad. The team building or “team building” involves the performance of different activities or physical exercises outside the work environment allowing “create team” through values ​​such as strength, union, leadership or trust in the other.

We make available to the different Human Resources departments the technical and qualified personnel necessary for the organization and execution of team building activities. The Ebone workforce is responsible for stimulating each of the employees of the company that carries out the activities, recognizing the achievements and successes of its workers, sharing experiences that help create group membership, and, of course, fostering Fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Conferences, schedules and actions designed, designed and structured for each company, which aim to encourage, train and motivate the different work teams of the company.

  • Awareness & Loyalty Campaigns
    Direct contact with the target audience through the organization of events materializes in effective social awareness campaigns with actions designed specifically for them.
  • Responsible Events: CSR Commitment
    Social events, solidarity actions, sustainable activities. A program that generates alliances and cooperation around Corporate Social Responsibility. Events that leave their mark.
  • Corporate events
    A unique opportunity to live an unforgettable experience for the organization's staff: Meetings, parties, dinners, sports days ... all to enjoy a corporate day.

Other events

We execute any type of corporate event